Beginning with just two wall calendar titles in 1995, Pine Ridge Art has grown dramatically and now includes over 30 wall calendar titles and over two hundred other stationery and gift items within the product line.

We are proud to collaborate with many well-respected North American and International artists whose beautiful images have made our product line a success. The artwork featured on our products is known for the quality of the workmanship and diversity of themes, ranging from folk art to wildlife, contemporary design to collage. Our products can be found in the very best of gift shops, stationery retailers, book and general stores in North America, Europe, and Australia.

For consideration by our Art Review Committee it is not necessary to send costly packages. Please send a link to your website or email us low resolution images along with any additional information about your work to Please do not send original artwork or items that are one of a kind.

Please note only artists with whom we wish to work will be contacted and thank you for your interest in working with Pine Ridge Art.

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